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Meso-Therapy Ultra Moisturizing Serum

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  • For those who tackle irregular pigmentation problems, post-acne marks and scars, dark spots resulting from hormonal imbalance
  • Serum is a source of hydration and anti-allergenic benefits
  • Stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production, strengthens capillaries, improves skin density
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark spots / delivers soft radiance for a younger look
  • Soothes irritation, fights the signs of ageing

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Triple-Action Serum formulated for Dry & Sensitive, reactive and intolerant skins.

Ultra-Moisturizing, normalizing skin Serum for skin that needs express hydration, nourishment and regeneration. It has an optimal effect on all layers of problem and sensitive skin. A beneficial blend of oils soothes skin, supports healing, restores hydro-lipid layer.

Highly concentrated and deeply hydrating, a Triple-Action Serum is formulated to address dryness and sensitive skin. Especially recommended for persons with discoloration of the skin caused by sun damage, post-acne scars, pigmentation problems due to hormonal changes. 

Dry and sensitive skin requires special care to keep it looking young and vibrant. Harnessing the power of the multitasking blend of active components, this Serum delivers your daily dose of moisturizing, nourishing and repairing ingredients. Guarantees maximum hydration to leave sensitive and dry skin glowing, firm and naturally flawless.


Improves skin’s natural moisture balance as well as its density and elasticity. Gives your face a boost of energy, radiance and vitality.

CONTAINS: Vitamin С, Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil.

Shake well before use!

Capacity: 20 ml


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