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Smoky Eyebrow Stencil Kit


  • A well-matched shade fills in sparse areas and intensifies the natural color of your arches
  • Precise tools help achieve best results
  • Detailed instruction makes application easy and fun
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SMOKY EYEBROW STENCIL KIT – to achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face. These reusable stencils are easy to use. With 6 stencils to choose from, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow and face shapes. Now your eyebrows can look picture perfect everyday.

SMOKY EYEBROW Stencil Kit contains:

  • 6 reusable Brow Stencils are easy-to-use and quickly help you shape the perfect brow
  • Brow Shadow (6 shades to choose from)
  • Applicator
  • Tutorial on the back of the package

Use the included accessories to apply Brow Shadow for perfect brow shape and eye arch definition. A smudge-proof formula offers customizable coverage for your ideal brow color.

Brows are a key element of non-verbal communication. They also add expression and frame the face. Badly defined eyebrows can make your face look tired or confused. We all have our own brow shape that is unique and it cannot be altered radically without spoiling the overall look. However, unruly brows can be improved by expert shaping and defining tricks.

Best brows for your face shape:

  • oval face (ideal shape) – a soft angled brow shape
  • round face – a high-arched brow shape to make a round face appear longer and provide a lifting effect
  • heart face shape – slightly arched brows with a round curve to balance the pointy chin
  • long face – wide, softly rounded or almost straight horizontal brows will make a long face appear shorter
  • square face – a rounded brow shape with a high-angled and well-defined arch
  • diamond face shape – curved brows that are slightly wider at the starting point with tails gently turned down

How to find your ideal eyebrow shape?

First, it is important to determine where your brows should start and end as well as where their peak, or highest point is. Follow the three lines that intersect at the corner of your nose and run to the inner and outer corner of the eye and through the iris.

Make sure that the skin on the arches is clean and dry. Choose a stencil that works best for your natural brow shape. Place the stencil in position so as to align the three points within the stencil. Using brow shade and the applicator that comes with the set, fill in your brows to achieve the desired effect. Remove the stencil and tweeze the brow hairs that are outside the outline. Flip the stencil and repeat on the other brow.

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