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Fixer For Durable Application Of Eyeshadow

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  • “Magic” liquid creates long lasting 100% waterproof and tearproof intensity of eye shadow richness and color
  • Allows you to produce a multishade look using precise brush strokes to create a fabulous Mardi Gras look
  • Water resistant to any and all wet conditions

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FIXER magically sets eye shadow with long lasting, intense color effect. Go wild on a dance floor!
Use your favorite eye shadow or glitter to create a fabulous effect and achieve durable coverage with the magic FIXER.
Available in a bottle with precision brush, to create consistently fine lines using loose or pressed eye shadows.

How to use:

  • dip brush in the liquid FIXER and draw a line of desired thickness along lash line
  • apply eye shadow to the brush and place on top of previously applied FIXER on the lid

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