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Younique Eye Shadow Collection

  • Georgious pearl, satin or matte colors
  • Silky, rich texture
  • Infused with organic and mineral pigments

YOUNIQUE – discover an array of the unique shades. This impressive display of colors inspired by Nature gives you the versality of creating a subtle day time as well as an exciting night time look. Available in shades ranging from meringue to bronze, to purples and grays, to rich charcoal. Full range of vibrant and cool shades available in pearl, flecked pearl, semi-matte and matte.

Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses. Comes in elegant compact case with makeup mirror.

Jojoba Oil Extract * Biodynamic Bycusan * Nylon 12 * Mica * Silicone

Natural pigments supplemented with Jojoba Oil Extract provide intense, exciting colors for your eyes while nourishing your delicate eyelids and making them firm and beautiful. The bio-dynamic addition of Baycusan helps absorb natural oils, producing a long-lasting smudge-free eye make up. Nylon 12 extract allows for smooth, flawless, precise application on your eyelids.


Weight: 2 g


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