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Professional VIP Concealer – Liquid Concealer

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  • Professional Concealers for ultimate color correction and under eye area appealing camouflage
  • Combines comfort of use and effectiveness
  • Makes dreams of flawless, luminous and healthy-looking skin a reality
  • Youth Vitamins to nourish skin
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Professional VIP Concealer – a liquid camouflage-like formula that brightens dark areas, erases spots and evens skin tone, creates a flaw-free complexion.

How to choose the right Concealer shade?

  • To professionally camouflage skin flaws, pigmentation problems and dark spots choose a Beige Concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural complexion.
  • To neutralize discolorations, pimples or reddish spots use a Green Concealer shade
  • Use Yellow Concealer to get well hidden violet and blue shadows under eyes.
  • Pink tone neutralizes dark and brown skin under eyes.
  • For mature skin with visible wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet use Illuminating beige Concealer that has a light and moisturizing texture.

3 Concealer shades to camouflage most of skin problems: light, natural, green. Apply precisely over affected problem areas, gently blend out the edges with fingertips or foundation blender. Apply foundation over red spots corrected by green or beige Concealer for a smooth and even skin tone.
01Q light
02Q natural
03Q green

3 Concealer shades to neutralize dark shadows under the eyes: vanilla pastel, pink pastel, illuminating. The right Concealer shade for under eye area problems is best applied with fingertips or blender.
04Q illuminating
05Q vanilla pastel
06Q pink pastel

Capacity: 5 ml

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