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Costa Rica Lip Gloss

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  • Formula rich in hyaluronic acid delivers superb hydration and protection
  • Irresistible glow for younger looking lips
  • Sparkling colors reflect light to make lips look fuller, smoother and plumper
  • Contoured silicone applicator allows for precise and even application
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COSTARICA Lip Gloss comes in the hot shades and delivers fascinating glow

♣ seductive moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid shades, each with a light touch of illuminating highlights
♣ luscious colors glisten in light for a fuller, smoother and plumper lip look
♣ light catching shine – redefines lips designed to be worn on its own, over lip pencil or lipstick
♣ includes Hyaluronic Acid to provide perfect hydration and protection
♣ polymers ensure long-lasting hold of the deliciously shiny lips
♣ formulated with ingredients that leave skin smooth and revitalized
♣ contoured silicone applicator allows for accurate application

¾ of our body mass is made up of water, and the main task of Hyaluronic Acid HA is to bind water in the connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid also maintains the proper level of tissue fluid contained in extracellular matrix. Hyaluronic Acid became widely popular in cosmetology after it was discovered that the amount of HA in our skin decreases with ageing. Decreasing levels of hyaluronic acid result in disorganization of collagen fibers  which leads to wrinkles and aging lines as well as sagging skin and loss of elasticity.

Half of all Hyaluronic Acid in human body is found in our skin. HA has natural protecting and soothing properties and effectively delivers moisture to dry skin. It smoothes and tones the skin, improves elasticity while speeding up wound  and burn healing processes.

CONTAINS: Hyaluronic Acid, Fatty Acid Esters, Multifunctional Emollients.

Capacity: 3,5 ml

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302, 303, 304, 306, 307, 311, 312


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