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Micellar Water A Thorough Face Cleanser

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  • Deeply cleans without leaving skin feeling dry or tight
  • Fragrance-free, ultra light formula for every skin type including sensitive and problem skin
  • Gentle, complete removal of all traces of oil, make up and residual skin impurities

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Micellar Water  is a thorough cleanser that rebalances, refreshes, hydrates and brightens skin. The micellar reaction that occurs upon contact with the skin produces a deep cleaning that effectively eliminates skin impurities without the need to rub. This remarkable all-natural formula has regenerative, anti-bacterial, healing properties. Leaves skin clean and moisturized, restoring skin’s natural balance. Non-irritating, no artificial colors, fragrance-free.

Vipera’s exclusive micellar formula combines additional Natural Ingredients including Green Tea, Eye Brite Herbal Agent, Herbal Betaine, Algae derived from the cleanest ecosystems and Mineral Substances that produce healthy, youthful looking skin. The plant and mineral extracts are the key factors to maintaining healthy skin. These natural extracts contain anti aggregative, anti-inflammatory qualities that fight free radicals and offer antioxidant protection to skin cells. These high quality ingredients penetrate deep into skin layers and are essential to preventing premature aging of the skin, reducing wrinkles, creating smooth and healthy looking skin.

Use morning and night. Apply to cotton pad and gently clean face, neck and chest. No need to rinse with water. Easy to use pump dispenses consistent amount of MICELLAR WATER every time!

Women tend to devote a great deal of time to make up but far too little time to cleansing their skin. Daily cleansing is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Failure to remove make up, oil and dead skin cells will inevitably lead to bacterial build up, clogged pores, break outs and premature aging of the skin.


Capacity: 200 ml


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