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Quick Dry Nail Drying

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  • Speeds drying time and prevents mess ups
  • Adds anti-fade high shine to nail surface
  • Moisturises skin without being greasy

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QUICK DRY dries single layer in 60 seconds, leaving a smooth, hard, shiny finish. 

Apply 1 – 2 drops per nail.

It is great for complicated, thick manicures because it helps dry your nail polish without the risk of screwing up the paint by brushing top coat over it.

Contains volatile silicones which evaporate fast, along with the polish solvent. The top film of the polish forms immediately and you’ll be left with a good hard set that won’t smudge under pressure.

USAGE: You squeeze a droplet out on top of each nail and then wait a couple minutes.

Capacity: 12 ml


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