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Fast&Convenient Acetone Nail Polish Remover

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  • Removes nail polish quickly and effectively
  • Does not dry nails
  • Delicate scent of white tea

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FAST&CONVENIENT Acetone Nail Polish Remover quickly takes away all types of nail polish including artificial nails and gel polish.

Also ideal for hard to remove nail glue and glitter polish.

The acetone formula lets you quickly remove any polish, so you can easily change your nail color and match it to your everyday outfit.

Leaves nails clean and hydrated. Polish Removers are formulated with safe and environment-friendly solvents to respond to various needs of your nails.

Polish Remover comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser that makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply press down the pump to soak the cotton ball.


Complex of Vitamins and Glycerine.

Capacity: 200 ml


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