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Foggy Top Coat

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  • Non-shiny finish produces the trendy matte finish in seconds
  • Protective Top Coat keeps color from fading
  • Adds longevity and speeds up the drying process

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Most nail polishes will give your nails a glossy finish. It is very fashionable these days to have a matte or non-shiny nail color.

Matte nail polish is a popular effect for those that prefer a suede texture. With this relatively new nail finish, it’s possible to mix both shiny and matte surfaces for multidimensional nails that can look like stained glass or tiles.

FOGGY matte Topcoat promises to flatten a shiny finish. Apply over any regular nail polish and see your nail instantly transform to achieve the popular new look. No need to buy new nail polish color. Simply apply FOGGY Top Coat over any nail polish and achieve the desired matte finish. This Top Coat creates a hard, protective layer while extending the life of chosen manicure.

FOGGY Top Coat is a great solution for men who care about the look of their hands.

Buff the surface of your nails to get rid of any imperfects and to even out the surface. Any ridges or dents in your nail will show when you put matte polish on them.

In keeping with European Union standards, FOGGY top Coat contains neither harmful chemicals nor preservatives.

Capacity: 12 ml


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