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TUTU Lip Gloss For The Girls 3+


  • Brushed with strawberry scent and taste
  • Cares for young lips with beautiful colors and shine
  • Safe for children over 3 years of age
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With love and care about our little ones we have created a Magic Cosmetic Collection that the girls will adore while their moms can be sure that their princesses are safe at making the first steps in discovering the makeup world.

100% safe for the Girls over three years of age, based on delicate ingredients and natural formulas, nourishing and deliciously scented TuTu Lip Gloss for Kids, subtle and clear on the lips. The TuTu Gloss explodes with shimmering sparkles to create a fabulous look and protect the lips of the young dancer in a bad weather.
The juicy and deliciously scented shades will spur the girls’ imagination and enchant the lips with a myriad of galactic stars.

* No-nano particles * No artificial ingredients * No harsh chemicals * 100% pure * No toxic ingredients * Hypoallergenic * Dermatologically tested

TuTu Makeup products for children have been tested under special supervision of Krisan Safety Assessor, an expert on Medication Side Effects Monitoring and Cosmetics Safety Assessment in terms of : dermatological safety (hypoallergenic features), microbiological safety (bacteria-free), safety when used by children over 3 years of age.

Application studies were performed on a group of persons with particularly sensitive skin prone to allergy. Neither products nor ingredients have been tested on animals.

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01 Scarlet Bow, 02 Peach Ballerina, 03 Pink Pirouette, 04 Turquoise Pointe, 05 Violet Coupe


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